Why Plantpac? - Plantpac
The Plantpac range of stock thermoformed horticultural packaging is designed to satisfy the packaging requirements of plug plant growers that sell plants by mail order. With over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing award winning packaging the Plantpac range of locking clamshells is easy to assemble, even when wearing gloves. It provides maximum protection and ventilation for the plants during transit and enables them to be delivered to the customer in pristine condition to eliminate customer complaints.
The continually evolving range of different shapes and sizes in the plug plant clampack range is available for online ordering. All packs are manufactured from high clarity recycled PET that shows the plant off to best effect. After use, the customer can further recycle the empty packs making them more environmentally friendly. In addition to the plug plant range we manufacture a range of propagator packs. These are ideal for germinating seedlings ready for development as young plugs and supplied in a variety of sizes.For a small additional cost we can incorporate your company logo or other engraving into the clam packs to personalise the finished pack and accentuate your branding. We also supply corrugated outer packaging sleeves, purpose designed for a perfect fit for each of our plug plant packs that ensures maximum protection in transit. In addition we can personalise an outer sleeve with your own company logo design or livery to make attractive retail ready packs.

Our ranges are continually expanding subject to customer demand. Our design team is always looking to create new innovative packaging and present growers with new ideas to help them sell more products e.g. our large letter pack. This is designed to send plug plants through the post at the large letter Royal Mail postal rate, which keeps postage costs to the minimum and is an excellent example of our creativity with packaging.


In a slightly different departure from the plug plant market, we were asked to provide a solution to improve the packaging for the Tesco Finest exotic plant range. In response we developed the Snap In base concept as a bespoke pack, which from initial enquiry through to the design and approval process and to rolling out the new packaging across stores throughout the UK, was completed in record time. Snap In has since won a prestigious Starpack Award for outstanding packaging.

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